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Fancy Things

If you're serious about living decadent, grandiose, and positively sophisticated, look no further than this checklist.

__  Diamonds

__  Gold

__  Jewels

__  Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

__  Flowers everywhere

__  A wine cellar (with old wine)

__  Pets must eat table food all the time

__  Anything cotton is replaced with cashmere

__  A Butler/Servant

__  Giant silver thing that gets removed from the top of a platter before every meal

__  Cash laying around, some in plain sight

__  Shelves filled with old books. none of them are paperback.

__  One room that doesn't have a television

__  Large wardrobe with lots of formalwear (which you consider to be just normalwear)

__  Bow tie

__  Caviar

__  100+ year old painting from Europe